Our Story

For the past three decades, Wendy and Michael Rohrs have been at the helm of their award-winning marketing and communications firm.

Since its inception in 1995, Elite has transformed from a three-person team to a full-service marketing and communications firm, proudly serving some of the world’s most prominent, forward-thinking, and recognizable brands.

Their 24-7 customer service pledge has enabled Elite to maintain a roster of more than 500 happy clients.

The senior leadership of Elite includes Linda Spulak, Vice President and General Manager. Linda is a seasoned strategic marketer and communication specialist experienced in plan development and execution.

And Tim Rose is an award-winning Creative Director with multi-national experience, including Coca-Cola, YouTube, Starbucks, Amazon, U.S. Bank, and Nike.


Yes, we’re a full-service, award-winning agency but we are agile. We are ahead of the future-forward, digital world in that we have instant access to the best talent in the business. Plus, our savvy telecommuting business model means more time dedicated to your brand, less traffic time, lower overhead, and reduced prices for A-level work. We embrace this new normal with heart and soul. And, unlike larger agencies, we are available 24/7—no call center, no voice mail—that’s a pretty big deal during insane deadlines.

We’d love to have a heart-to-heart about you and your company’s vision and see how Elite can help bring your story to life.

Chicago, Illinois.

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